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Dein Haus ist umstellt (Single)

singer & songwriter
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New single: “Dein Haus ist umstellt” by FEE. (Release: 18.09.2020 / Kontor New Media)

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On December 4th 2020 the second album “Nachtluft” of the Frankfurt singer-songwriter FEE will be released. After the first single “Chéri” the second single from the upcoming album “Dein Haus ist umstellt” will follow. In handmade singer-songwriter style, the song describes those anonymous conversations at night at the bar, which always make you doubt how much truth there is in the (heroic) stories of the other person. It is about running away and not fitting in, about the inner child, the fear of change and the fear of staying. Accompanied by light-footed acoustic guitar sounds and a velvety soft voice. That’s all she needs to tell a gripping story.

FEE. could hardly display any more “do-it-yourself” attitude: For album number two, she takes everything into her own hands, finances her expenses through a crowdfunding campaign, builds huge cardboard backdrops for the new music video and finally records her own vocals in her small attic apartment.


FEE. Nachtluft Tour 2021:

  • 19.02.21 Dresden       Altes Wettbüro
  • 20.02.21 Salzgitter     Kniki
  • 21.02.21 Lübeck        Riders Café
  • 25.02.21 Münster       Rote Lola
  • 26.02.21 Langenberg – KGB
  • 27.02.21 Düsseldorf   The Tube
  • 03.03.21 Stuttgart       Café Galao
  • 04.03.21 Marburg       KFZ
  • 05.03.21 Gelsenkirchen – WohnzimmerGE
  • 06.03.21 Frankfurt     Zoom
  • 07.03.21 Frankenthal – KUZ Gleis 4
  • 10.03.21 Hannover    LUX
  • 11.03.21 Hamburg     Nachtwache
  • 12.03.21 Berlin           Badehaus

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