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about us

o-tone music was founded in 1999 by Uwe Hager as a student. With its team, o-tone music offers a comprehensive service that includes artist agency, incl. artist management, label & release management (incl. promotion & marketing coordination), as well as the service of a tour agency.

We have established ourselves as a distribution network and booking agency for jazz, soul, blues, world, singer/songwriter artists and create additional impulses between tour and release of the recording medium in commerce. As a comprehensive music agency, we can thus accelerate the sustainable development of artists and act in a more goal-oriented manner with a wide range of players from a single source. In general, we are represented or invited to fairs such as Jazzahead, Kulturbörse Freiburg, Womex and many showcase festivals. o-tone music is a member of the VUT (Verein unabhängiger Tonträger).

a personal statement

As an internationally active concert agency, we have been well connected in the festival and club scene for over 20 years and support our acts in their artistic development. In many cases, we can work together on this process over a number of years and thus establish the artists more firmly in our cultural landscape. Often it’s only from tour to tour that you notice how the fanbase grows. Good booking and good release policies are only two of the pillars of success, but the most important thing is the quality of the music, which, we believe, will prevail sooner or later.

Our big advantage is: We speak your language. I myself am a jazz musician, musicologist and a self-percieved half-Frenchman who has a passion for improvising and, besides jazz piano, is not averse to one or the other culinary art . Everyone in the team has experience in arranging and planning events or is in the process of aquiring right now. We know about the sensitivities, questions and needs of artists from lack of sleep on tour, to travel stress and much more. 

We don’t want to achieve success at any price, but rather to elicit a sensitivity for something special, which may be new to the ears of the listeners. Combined with a fair cooperation – especially in difficult times, whether private or social – the ear should always be free for a good success on stage.

The knowledge of these needs has also shaped us as an agency, far from ideological premises – rather guided by a curiosity for the musically unexpected. We want an open-minded audience, because we see ourselves as part of a culturally diverse world. We are all on a way to develop ourselves.

We accompany you as your partner: Whether intensively in artist management or as a booking or distribution partner. With the necessary promo and marketing measures we see ourselves as a part of the whole, and are especially happy when the quality of our artists becomes visible.

We don’t love the hype, we rather reject the fan-cult – but we love the moment when what is known today as Jazz / Crossover / World Jazz etc… remains interesting and touches your head and heart.

Body and Soul: Jazz is the moment where interaction on stage and with the audience can happen: Head and soul – harmoniously resting in itself and in the best case together with everyone in the audience. One big whole. That’s why we do it – only for this unique moment, when we can stand backstage and just say: “That was worth all the work!

That’s why art is systemically relevant, because it has the ability to reflect all of us.

Let’s enjoy this moment together.

Dear organizers, dear audience: Stay curious! The artists are! And please always have a heart for the undiscovered, so that newcomers can still be built up  in difficult times.

With soulful greetings, Uwe Hager

…by the way we are also a Reservix VVK office – we have tickets and a selection of CDs available – for now!


our team

Uwe Hager

 musicologist, jazz pianist, booker, label manager and founder of o-tone music


Natalie Purdak

office assistant and booking

Tel. +49(0)641-94889-30

Hannah Herbert

social media and booking

Tel. +49(0)641-9488930

Nico Pfahler

preproduction, labelmanagement

Tel: +49(0)641-94889-31

Anja Gutberlet-Hager

Accounting / office organisation

Tel. +49(0)641-94889-32

Svenja Strabel

pre and postproduction, homepage

Tel: +49(0)641-94889-31

Christoph Giese

intl. & national booking

Tel: +49(0)641-9488932

o-tone music
Intl. booking - label - artist management - label management - publishing - distribution - B2B

fon: +49 (0) 641 - 9 48 89 30

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