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Beweg dein Arsch (Single)

Pop, singer & songwriter
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Her own butt: Long since in motion. She was on a musical pilgrimage… Street music, living room concerts, sofa beds, student soup kitchens, lyrics ‘on the road’ – the whole FEE. thing always rolls along. Towards happiness. Long since performing on bigger stages. But never with her head in the clouds, from which money or a spotify stream could rain. Success, YES: on her own terms – no fake, no writing camp, no musical one-size-fits-all. And? Go!

In 2018 FEE. had finished their first album. Cheeky, direct and honest, the Frankfurt singer/songwriter played herself into the hearts of fans of handmade music and authentic lyrics with her debut album EIN ZIMMER KÜCHE BAD on tour throughout Germany. She also takes the stage as the opening acts of Katie Melua, Milow and Tom Odell, as if there were no other place for her to be. Making the stage her own is exactly her cup of tea! And then? And then we talk turkey! With FEE, things are brought to the point, no ifs, ands or buts, no polished hook. Her songs: impetuous odes to life, bizarre observations, self-irony, sisterliness, everything that comes from the heart. Sometimes loud, sometimes quiet, sometimes ardent, sometimes intimate. FEE. is about expression, attitude, joy, sometimes tears. Just please, no nagging. What kind of attitude is that? Exactly, none at all. There must be more… if the butt comes along and doesn’t stay on the edge of the sofa in a brooding position.

“Get your ass to where you’re happy, whether it’s a house, a town by the sea or in the backyard.”

With her new single FEE. puts clear acoustic exclamation marks and signatures under the palpable wisdom in her songs. The need to search for the honest aim of our wishes can hardly be more demanding and emphatic than with this lovingly snotty 2:40 number, which is carried by the DIY punk rock attitude in FEE.’s head. Ultimately, this power song fills a gaping void: that of the powerful and intelligent songwriter music that’s gotten lost since “Wir Sind Helden”…

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