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Lieber liegen

singer & songwriter
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“Lieber liegen” is the title of one of the young artist’s songs, with which she makes an declaration that is not untypical for her. Born in Marburg, she stands for courage, naturalness and authenticity both in life and on stage. Her music has a very special character. Not everything has to fit perfectly and be perfectly styled, because it’s the little nooks and crannies that make Fee herself so enthusiastic and turn her and her music into something special.

“I prefer to lie still, to put everything off until tomorrow and look at the sky because it can shine so beautifully”

She soon noticed that the new songs started to heal her soul and that music was fun again. The black acoustic guitar, small living room concerts and street music were soon new companions. With thoughtful and, so to speak, life-affirming German lyrics, Fee grants entry into her very personal world – sometimes sad, sometimes radiant, always honest and full of energy. Whether it’s the ideal world that Fee would sometimes like to order on the Internet at the click of a mouse, the setting of music to a failed love affair or the search for the right place in life; the texts are her hobby and entice us to reflect. In the end, she always manages to put a smile on the face of her audience.

After more than 150 solo concerts and winning the W-Festival (Women of the World) young talent casting in 2015, the young songwriter recorded her first EP on her own, which was released by o-one music at the end of April 2016. It is entitled “Lieber liegen” and expresses exactly what it’s supposed to express: FEE. and full stop.

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