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The Spirit of Django

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Diknu Schneeberger Trio

Diknu in a few short sentences to the tracks of the CD:

First Love is my third original composition, I wrote for my first great love. It is a Gipsy Bossa with Spanish elements and a lot of romance and feeling 😉
Lulu’s Swing is a real “good mood song”, composed by master guitarist Lulu Reinhardt.
I heard Joseph Joseph instrumentally for the first time and I liked it immediately. This piece is sung originally, in our version it is a real “Fetzer”!
I’ll See You In My Dreams is a classic of Gipsy Swing because Django interpreted this standard excellently. On the CD I first play the original Djangosolo before I switch to my own improvisation.
Made for Wesley I know from a Jimmy Rosenberg CD. I was immediately inspired and thrilled by this piece.
Micro is an up-tempo swing piece by Django Reinhardt.
La Gitane is the most spectacular musette waltz I know.
Artillery Lourde always creates a good atmosphere and encourages the audience to swing along, was written by Django Reinhardt.
Minor Swing is the most famous composition of Django Reinhardt. I added a little “Diknu Funk”.
Minor Blues is a brilliant minor blues and was also composed by Django Reinhardt.
When I heard Django’s Tiger for the first time, it immediately went into my ears and made me feel good.
Bossa Dorado is a composition by Dorado Schmitt but I first heard the song from the Rosenberg Trio. Bossa Dorado was one of the first songs that immediately enchanted me in this style. On the CD I play a part of Stochelo Rosenberg’s interpretation and the other part I play in my own way.
Viper’s Dream is a super blues.
280 SE wrote the guitar icon Häns’che Weiss. It’s one of my favourite pieces on the CD.

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