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Yvonne Mwale & Slapdee

With their new track “Uka Ukalilele?”, Yvonne Mwale and Slapdee have released a song that is about to become a super hit in Zambia. For this track, Yvonne teamed up with Zambian hip-hop legend Slapdee to address a social grievance that has major social implications – especially in many African countries. “Uka Ukalilele?”, which translates to “Are you still sleeping?”, is actually more than just a wake-up call.

What is the single about? While in many places women and initiatives for women’s rights are working to achieve more equality and to become more self-reliant and independent as human beings, in some areas and social strata the development is unfortunately going in exactly the opposite direction. Many young women have had only an incomplete education and have never learned a profession. These circumstances make it difficult for them to provide for themselves. Instead, one observes many young women in bars and nightclubs who are on the hunt for financially better-off older gentlemen, hoping to have financial security through “friendships” with them. Not infrequently, the women concerned are forced by their dependence to provide sexual services in return in order not to lose their economic advantages. Yvonne says: “I personally know various women, including former friends, who have become completely dependent on sugar daddies and later crashed their lives. With this song I want to make a statement and encourage young women to take their lives into their own hands and build something that will secure them a more stable future. And I’m grateful that Slapdee shares this attitude with me and was willing to record this track with me.”

Yvonne Mwale, who has been at home in Germany for several years, is herself from Zambia and, after suffering severe blows of fate at a young age, was able to draw attention to herself with her musical talent. In 2009 she was awarded as “Best Upcoming Female Aritist” at the national music awards in Zambia. More international awards followed. Her fourth album “Free Soul” was released last year on o-tone musc.


Feedback from social media:

“Yvonne Mwale I love the way you come out on issues. Continue with this heart.. I love your music!” – Ocy Chishimba

“On Friday we played this at School National Assembly it’s really a Great jam .,.. Our Headteacher Danced to it so much!” – Jimmy Mufwambi

“The message in this song is on point!” – Derricko

“I love the message and your vocals ..Slap good energy ..the song makes sense” – Joseph ChibesaKunda

“I love your vibe. We really need someone to talk to our girls cause they don’t value us anymore … it’s a good thing that you chose to look at that part. we appreciate you” – Nick Phiri

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