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Maria Mazzotta

Maria Mazzotta’s sensitive interpretations meet the electric sounds of post-rock, creating an original and profound mix. The title of the new album is Onde, an album in which Maria Mazzotta has chosen, for the first time in her twenty-year career, to express the unabashed and vital force of peasant traditions through contemporary instruments with a rural flavor.

Since 2020, the year of the release of her debut solo album Amoreamaro, Maria has traveled non-stop thousands of kilometers and played over 200 concerts in more than 25 countries in Europe, Latin America and Asia. Through these travels she has gained an awareness of how to express her own experience in folk music with courage and freedom. It is the journey of a woman who travels from one major European capital to the next, from Paris to Barcelona, to world capitals such as Jakarta and Bogota. She presents herself on stage with all her fragility and strength in equal measure. Onde is the result of encounters and influences, of emotions and reflections on modern society.

Onde is a story of constant change in which the sea resonates everywhere, of the gentle movement that lulls before turning into a destructive tidal wave that sweeps everything away. It contains numerous metaphors and diverse states of mind that, like ocean waves, can take on thousands of forms. As the water moves, changing its shape and force, each of the songs allows sounds to flow through it in a sea of frequencies, in which Cristiano della Monica’s drums and Ernesto Nobili’s guitar allow Maria Mazzotta’s vocals to navigate forward. Her voice sets sail, is swept far away and sinks before reappearing, returning to the surface and finally coming to rest. For the three musicians from Lecce and Naples, who have always had the sea on their minds and in their eyes, this album tells the story of the movement of the sea, from the agony of navigation to the relief that each landing offers in the end.

The profound and haunting way in which she performs is a rare and precious experience for the audience, and this is what has made Maria Mazzotta one of the most intense voices in the European world music scene: Onde is a show that must be experienced if you allow yourself to be accompanied and guided by this unique artist.


01. LA FURTUNA (Trad.) (06:25)
02. LIBRO D’AMORE (M. Mazzotta- R. Hasa) (04:00)
03. SULA NU PUEI STARE feat. Bombino (M. Mazzotta – C. Della Monica – E. Nobili) (05:19)
04. DAMME LA MANU (Trad.) (04:53)
06. TERRA CA NUN SENTI (A. Piazza) (04:01)
07. VIESTESANA (Trad.) (04:46)
08. CANTO E SOGNO feat. Volker Goetze (M. Mazzotta – C. Della Monica – E. Nobili – S. Guerra) (03:55)
09. MARINARESCA (R. De Simone) (04:33)
10. NANNA CORE (M. Mazzotta – C. Della Monica – E. Nobili) (01:57)
11. PIZZICA DE CORE (MALENCUNIA) (M. Mazzotta – C. Della Monica – E. Nobili – D. Della Monica) (05:06)
12. MATONNA TE LU MARE (M. G. Marangio) (05:25)

Maria Mazzotta – Vocals, Tambourine, Percussions
Christiano Della Monica – Drums, Percussions, Electronics
Ernesto Nobili – Electric Guitar, Baritone Guitar

Bombino – Electric Guitar (Track Nr. 3)
Volker Goetze – Trumpet (Track Nr. 8)

Recorded by Guglielmo Dimidri at Sudestudio, Mixed by Fabrizio Piccolo at Auditorium Novecento, Photo cover:
Annamaria Lucchetti, Artwork: Giulio Rugge


08.02.2024        Malmö (SWE)                                                   Victoria Teatern
09.02.2024        Koppenhagen (DNK)                                       Alice cph
13.02.2024         Odense (DNK)                                                  Musikhuset Dexter
14.02.2024         Neustadt am Rügenberge                               Schloss Landestrost
17.02.2024         Dachau                                                               Friedenskirche
18.02.2024         Bamberg                                                            Jazzclub
19.02.2024         AT-Wien                                                            Radio Kulturhaus (ORF)
28.02.2024        AT-Innsbruck                                                   Treibhaus
15.03.2024         Guarda (PRT)                                                   Teatro Municipal da Guarda
17.03.2024         Taranto (ITA)                                                   Auditorium Tarentum
21.03.2024         Freiburg                                                             Jazzhaus
22.03.2024         Schopfheim                                                       St. Agathe Evangelische Kirche
23.03.2024         Villingen                                                            Folk Club

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