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Markus Stockhausen Group

“Celebrating in these times with so many challenges in the world? Yes! Absolutely, with music. That is our modest contribution to reconciliation in the world.” M. Stockhausen

As a trumpet soloist, improviser and composer at home in jazz as well as in contemporary and classical music, Markus Stockhausen is one of the most versatile musicians of our time internationally and is known as a musical border crosser – always in search of new forms of expression.

After “Wild Life” and “Tales”, “Celebration” is now being released. On their third album, the Markus Stockhausen Group celebrates the life, music and friendship of their quartet with six wonderful guest musicians from many different countries. As the previous album “Tales” (o-tone music) already showcased many facets of the group, this time they really want to “celebrate” and enrich their music with the extraordinary musicality of those guest soloists.

Below are some short texts by Markus Stockhausen about the guest soloists:

Rabih Lahoud – what a wonderful, expressive voice! Since embarking on our “Eternal Voyage” together in 2008, we have become good friends. Today Rabih is one of the finest singers in Germany and beyond. (Salām, Talking)

Levan Andria – is a young cellist who stood in superbly for Jörg Brinkmann at several of our concerts, bringing his own style of playing to our music. This gave me the idea of bringing together Levan and Jörg, and the result is “Karussell”, a kind of double concerto for two celli. In the free improvisation “Spiegelung” they mirror one another, throwing musical balls back and forth between them.

Tamara Lukasheva – what impressive vocal control, agility, intonation and timing she possesses. Seamlessly adapting to the sound of our group, she made our music shine. It was marvellous to experience. Equally impressive is her desire to strive for the highest musical standards. (Gentle–Seeing the Light, Falling Stars)

Nguyên Lê – a master of the electric guitar. I have admired him since the mid-90s and played with him in Dhafer Youssef’s group (notably on the legendary album “Malak”), and in my “Possible Worlds Orchestra”. In “Celebration”, one can hear the joy of our reunion. Nguyên takes us into new realms, and leads us into intense, adventurous sound spaces. (Hallelujah, Nguyên, Savannah, Dancing in Clouds)

Bodek Janke – is a magnificent tabla player, subtle, strong and full of virtuosity (Salām, Abstract Lines). His complex and driving drumming comes alive particularly in the interplay with Christian in all the pieces with Nguyên (Hallelujah, Nguyên, Savanne, Dancing on Clouds). Christian and Bodek played together previously on “Wild Life”, so this felt like a friendly continuation of and musical expansion on earlier themes.

Mateusz Smoczyński – we met at a festival in Belgrade and got to know each other on the subsequent flight, exchanging our CDs. Impressed by his incredible violin playing, I wanted to play with him as soon as possible. He masters the most complicated passages seemingly effortlessly, is adept in all styles while also remaining imaginative and free. What more could one wish for? Many joint concerts … (Revolution, Abstract Lines, Take Off, You Never Know)


  1. Revolution feat. Mateusz Smoczyński (06:49)
  2. Gentle – Seeing the Light feat. Tamara Lukasheva (07:29)
  3. Little Dream (07:29)
  4. Hallelujah feat. Nguyên Lê & Bodek Janke (08:02)
  5. Salām feat. Rabih Lahoud (09:27)
  6. Ahnung Duo (03:22)
  7. Karussell (09:46)
  8. Talking feat.  Rabih Lahoud (06:52)
  9. Savanne feat.  Nguyên Lê & Bodek Janke (09:22) Gesamtspielzeit: 68:55


  1. Dancing on Clouds feat.  Nguyên Lê & Bodek Janke (07:09)
  2. Falling Stars feat. Tamara Lukasheva (10:13)
  3. Abstract Lines feat. Mateusz Smoczyński (08:57)
  4. Take Off feat. Mateusz Smoczyński (04:30)
  5. Nguyên feat. Nguyên Lê & Bodek Janke (11:07)
  6. Tempus Perfectum (09:09)
  7. Child Song (06:42)
  8. Spiegelung feat. Levan Andria (07:42)
  9. You Never Know feat. Mateusz Smoczyński (06:28) Gesamtspielzeit: 72:03

Markus Stockhausen – flugelhorn/trumpet/electronics
Jeroen van Vliet – piano/keyboard
Jörg Brinkmann – cello/electronics
Christian Thomé – drums

Tamara Lukacheva – vocals; Rabih Lahoud – vocals; Nguyên Lê – e-guitar; Mateusz Smoszyński – violin; Levan Andria – cello ; Bodek Janke – tabla/percussion

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