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jazz, R&B, Soul
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Malika Tirolien

Malika Tirolien is a remarkable vocalist, musician, songwriter and producer from Guadeloupe, now living in Montreal.  She is garnering international attention with her creative collaborations.

Malika TIrolien’s latest release Higher is the second in a tetralogy featuring earth, air, fire and water themes. It is a shining example of afro-futuristic styling, co-produced with Bokanté creator Michael League. The album showcases a new genre called “high soul”, mixing R&B, soul, hip hop and jazz to create the soundtrack of a psychedelic trip from anger to forgiveness.

She has toured over 20 countries with Bokanté. Two brilliant albums from the band have already earned them worldwide acclaim and a Grammy nomination. Tirolian’s electrifying performance on I’m not the one (1.9M+ YouTube views) is a prime track on the Grammy-winning album by Snarky Puppy, inspiring countless covers worldwide.

Malika Tirolien’s soaring voice immediately grabs your attention and her well-crafted compositions present effusive emotions with fresh takes on various genres, the whole infused with a deep knowledge of jazz. Her love, passion and respect for music can be felt in each song and through her sparkling authenticity.

1. NO MERCY feat. Bled Miki (1:52)
3. BETTER (3:24)
4. SISTERS (4:26)
5. DREAMIN´ (5:53)
6. GROW (5:02)
7. HIGHER (4:17)
9. PRIÈRE (4:44)
10. RISE (5:07)
11. DON´T COME AROUND (3:03)

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