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Malika Tirolien

R&B, soul, hip hop, jazz
Booking-territory: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, East Europe

Malika Tirolien – Montreal’s creative high-soul queen with Grammy-glamor and a rousing blend of R&B, jazz and hip-hop.

Malika Tirolien is a remarkable vocalist, musician, songwriter and producer from Guadeloupe, now living in Montreal. She is garnering international attention with her creative collaborations. Highlights include the February 2021 release of the album HIGHER, a 2019 Grammy nomination with Bokanté “What Heat,” 1.7 million YouTube views for the video “I’m Not The One (with Snarky Puppy).” a 20-country tour with Bokanté, #5 on R&B iTunes Canada with the album “Sur La Voie Ensoleillée” and collaborations with Bokanté, Snarky Puppy, Lara Fabian, Coral Egan, Groundfood, Kalmunity Vibe, Vox Sambou.


“Malika Tirolien dares to do something […]. The choruses may often sound catchy and pretend to have a pop character, but it is not quite that simple. In the detail view as well as in the overall view, “Higher” does not deliver clap-along music for primary school lessons, it is not for beginners and especially not by beginners.” SWR2, Album of the Week

“A strongly afrofuturistic, spiritually charged work of art she creates (…) with her first-class band” Süddeutsche Zeitung

“Inspired, versatile and modern melange of soul, funk and jazz, of world, hip hop and folk. (…) versatile and sophisticated: rapt ballads alternate with soulful uptempo grooves and heavy hip hop beats. Refined at all times by her wonderful voice.” Westzeit

“R&B, soul and hip hop elements crash unfiltered on top of each other in a futuristic sound garment and above it all this voice that seems to effortlessly succeed in everything” Jazzthing

“The eleven songs present themselves as a fusion of Afrofuturistic soul-jazz, driven by powerful rhythms and Tirolien’s emotional honeyed voice. Here we discover a performer with soul, a sense of impulse, who wants to convey a message and appeal to a clientele attentive to the changes in our world.” Jazzthing

“Not only linguistically does the singer bring her roots to her new album, but musically there is pretty much everything that has influenced her in music: soul, jazz, R’n’B, hip hop, combined with French rap interludes.” JAZZTHETIK

“Powerhouse vocals Alluring compositions…” JAZZ TIMES

“Whether it’s on this big stage or an intimate club, Tirolien’s powerful commanding voice has incredible range, a warm tone, and remarkable control…” NOISEY VICE

“’High soul’, soul-jazz with robust rhythms in line with the works of famed Meshell Ndegeocello, neo-soul (on the superb tracks Better and Dreamin’) and rap (Sisters) add depth and dynamism to this audacious album.” LE DEVOIR


Malika Tirolien’s latest release Higher is the second in a tetralogy featuring earth, air, fire and water themes. It is a shining example of afro-futuristic styling, co-produced with Bokanté creator Michael League. The album showcases a new genre called “high soul”, mixing R&B, soul, hip hop and jazz to create the soundtrack of a psychedelic trip from anger to forgiveness. She has toured over 20 countries with Bokanté. Two brilliant albums from the band have already earned them worldwide acclaim and a Grammy nomination. Tirolian’s electrifying performance on I’m not the one (1.9M+ YouTube views) is a prime track on the Grammy-winning album by Snarky Puppy, inspiring countless covers worldwide. Malika Tirolian’s soaring voice immediately grabs your attention and her well-crafted compositions present effusive emotions with fresh takes on various genres, the whole infused with a deep knowledge of jazz. Her love, passion and respect for music can be felt in each song and through her sparkling authenticity.

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