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DanSando (CD)

Indie, Pop, singer & songwriter
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    OT 058-2
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Luisa Sobral

Luísa Sobral, one of the most important singer-songwriters of her generation, returns with ‘DanSando’, her sixth studio album, released 11 years after her debut with ‘The Cherry on My Cake’.

The new work was produced by Brazilian multi-instrumentalist and Latin Grammy winner Tó Brandileone and was recorded between Lisbon (Portugal) and São Paulo (Brazil) before the summer. In its eleven songs, Luísa explores a more pop aesthetic than in her previous works, with songs written and sung in Portuguese that look into everyday life with sweetness and enthusiasm. In Luísa’s words ‘I’ve wanted to make an album like this for a long time: an ode to life and the good things that have happened to me.’

Passionate about songwriting, Luísa Sobral has collaborated with renowned Portuguese artists such as Ana Moura, António Zambujo, Sara Correia, Mayra Andrade, Salvador Sobral, among many others. This passion led her to create the podcast ‘O Avesso da Canção’, in which she interviews big names in Portuguese music about the art of songwriting.

It is also in tribute to her love for words organized in songs that Luísa now finally presents ‘DanSando’ and, with it, she plans to travel the world giving continuity to her vast international experience, that has already taken her to countries as distinct as Spain, France, Turkey, Israel, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, USA, Morocco, South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Japan, Brazil, and Uruguay.

1. Quero Falar de Amor (03:13)
2. Gosto de Ti  (02:48)
3. Não Foste Tu ft. João Cunha (02:54)
4. Festa Antecipada (02:32)
5. Amo Como Eu Sei (02:48)
6. O Nosso Amor É ft. Tó Brandileone (03:03)
7. Há Guerra (03:39)
8. Maria Feliz (02:35)
9. As Mães de Hoje em Dia (02:25)
10. O Quadro que Pintei (03:30)
11. Serei Sempre uma Mulher (04:03)


“Few musicians are currently shaping the Portuguese music scene as much as Luisa Sobral.”– WDR3 (Album of the Week)

“Luísa Sobral is one of the most important Portuguese singer-songwriters of her generation. (…) Maria Gutierrez is thrilled and spoke with the musician.” – SR2 (CD of the week)

“Luísa Sobral [is an] excellent singer-songwriter, with seven albums to her name, in demand as a producer and composer for other artists. (…) [Her songs] are an ode to life, especially in these times, with all the good that has happened to her. “ MDR Kultur (Album of the Week)

“And that’s how Luísa Sobral’s album ‘DanSando’ turned out: urban and yet rooted sounding, capricious and whimsical, inspired and yet with depth. It’s long past time to also keep Salvador Sobral’s sister Luísa as a charismatic singer-songwriter in our sights and ears.”Deutschlandfunk Kultur

“Our focus artist of today’s audible in hr2 Kultur comes from Portugal. (…) For her, [the album] is an ode to life, to the beautiful sides she has experienced. (…) Recorded in her native Lisbon, Portugal, and in Sao Paolo, Brazil, home of the album’s producer, multi-instrumentalist and Latin Grammy winner Tó Brandileone.”– hr2 Kultur

“Joyful, poppy and full of energy like never before, Luísa Sobral shows her sunny side on DanSando – without forgetting the darker side of life.” – Jazzthetik

“The eleven songs are about love, about being a mother, about being a woman – but also about war, resentment, misogyny.” – Jazzthetik


Luísa Sobral | Lyrics and music
Tó Brandileone | Production
Ricardo Mosca | Mix
Carlos Freitas | Master
Ricardo Fernandes | Voice Recording
António Quintino | Double Bass (“Maria Feliz”, “O Quadro Que Pintei”, “Há Guerra”)
António Loureiro | Drums (“Festa Antecipada”, “Gosto de Ti”, “Há Guerra”, “Quero Falar de Amor”
Maria Beraldo | Clarinet (“Festa Antecipada”, “Amo Como Eu Sei”)
João Salcedo | Accordion (“Festa Antecipada”)
Quarteto da Cidade | String Quartet: Betina Stegmann, Marcelo Jaffé, Nelson Rios, Rafael Cesário
João Cunha | Voice (“Não Foste Tu”)
Tó Brandileone | Voice (“O Nosso Amor É”) and all the other instruments

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