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Federspiel is back! The Austrian cult band, which has earned a steady place in the European brass scene over the past 18 years with its balancing act between classical brass music and sound experimentation, now presents its new album “Albedo”, a work in which the dark and light moments of the strange past months are reflected in the form of sound waves.

Those who are already gnawing at the inevitable loneliness of recent times and now fear melancholy should be reassured: charming lightness and irrepressible playfulness are still writ large in shining letters on Federspiel. A waltz (track 7) celebrates the invigorating feeling of regained freedom, and the preference for folk music also finds its way back in the form of Ausseer Schützenentänzen (track 8).

Sometimes, however, it sounds quiet and soft, as in samtig matt (track 10) . A piece with little light and little external reflection that opens up to the world at the end. Flow (track 02) is complete absorption and conveys the blissful feeling of this unique state.

The theme of light takes centre stage and this is also noticeable visually, where the group has recently been reinforced by Christian Amstätter and Christoph Moschberger. However the band approaches the subject, the new original compositions range from atmospheric minimalism to powerful radiance; because where the night is deepest, the day is closest.



1. >0,90  (Matthias Werner) (1:52)
2. Flow (Matthias Werner) (4:26)
3. Inside-outside  (Simon Zöchbauer)
4. Kronos ((Matthias Werner)
5. Calor  (F.Alvarado-Dupuy & C.Moschberger)
6. Anthem (Simon Zöchbauer)
7. Freedom Waltz (Matthias Werner)
8. Schützentänze (arr. Simon Zöchbauer)
9. Samtig matt (F.Alvarado-Dupuy)
10. Lullaby (Christoph Moschberger)

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