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German Jazz Award 2023 for “Die Ballade von Robin Hood”, produced by Martin Auer


Last weekend, the German Jazz Prize was awarded in 31 categories at the Jazzahead on 27.04.2023.

The radio production of “Die Ballade von Robin Hood” (Argon Verlag) by John von Düffel is a great, because immensely entertaining, reinterpretation that succeeds in appealing to a cross-generational audience. The exuberant energy in this production even makes it accessible to an international audience, as an enormous amount happens on a non-verbal, musical level, which is a very special quality of this radio play. Christian Brückner as narrator and Martin Auer with his Wild Jazz Orchestra achieve their declared goal of not only creating a unique radio production, but also performing the new genre of the narrative concert live. An impressive as well as outstanding radio production.

The German jazz trumpeter and composer Martin Auer composed music for this storytelling concert which, analogous to the great success of The Jungle Book, interweaves with the language in a catchy but also challenging and interpretive way. Always crossing genres but always with a touch of jazz and classical, he composed music for young and old alike.

We are delighted that an artist from the o-tone music Artist Roster has won the German Jazz Award with his radio production of “Die Ballade von Robin Hood” in the category “Radio Production of the Year”.

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