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Cristina Branco

  • Cristina Branco
  • Luís Figueiredo
    Piano, Electronics
  • Bernardo Couto
    Portuguese Guitar
  • Bernardo Moreira
    Double Bass
Booking-territory: Germany, Austria, Switzerland & East Europe

With an unwavering passion for traditional fado, Cristina Branco delivers a poignant homage to this emblematic musical genre deeply ingrained in Portuguese culture. Mark your calendars for her upcoming 18th studio album, “Mãe” (“Mother”)  release on September 22nd.

“Mãe” represents a breathtaking musical masterpiece, where Cristina Branco lends her distinctive and expressive voice to a diverse array of renowned composers, as is her artistic tradition. This extraordinary album invites audiences on an immersive journey of rediscovery and reinvention of fado, delving into its profound emotional depths and delicate nuances.

Behind the creation of “Mãe,” Cristina Branco collaborated with a talented trio of musicians who have been her steadfast companions on both records and stages throughout the years. The exceptional artistry of Bernardo Couto on the Portuguese guitar, the mastery of Luís Figueiredo on the piano, and the enchanting sounds of Bernardo Moreira on the double bass breathe life into this musical gem, crafting a rich and immersive sonic experience.

As the release of “Mãe” draws near, anticipation builds for Cristina Branco’s latest offering. This eagerly awaited album promises to leave an indelible mark on the hearts of music lovers, redefining the boundaries of fado while honoring its time-honored roots. Prepare to be spellbound by Cristina Branco’s evocative vocals and the soul-stirring melodies that permeate “Mãe.”


Cristina Branco is one of the most important Portuguese artists of recent decades, with a total of 17 albums released and countless concerts all over the world. Her most recent work, Eva (2020) has won over the public and critics alike and confirmed Cristina as one of the most versatile performers on the Portuguese music scene.

She began her career in Holland, with the album Cristina Branco in Holland (1997), which became a huge success in that country. In the following years, Cristina’s name exploded throughout Europe, with sold-out dates in countless venues and cities. Her following works, Murmúrios (1998) and Post-Scriptum (2000) reinforced the success of her first album, and Cristina was awarded two Prix Choc, the prestigious prizes given by the French magazine Le Monde de La Musique.

Despite her accomplishments abroad, it was only at the turn of the millennium, with Corpo Iluminado (2001), O Descobridor (2002), a double-platinum album, Sensus (2003), and Ulisses (2005), that Cristina Branco finally began to be discovered and acclaimed by the Portuguese public and press. Comparisons with Amália Rodrigues were recurrent and inevitable.

This was followed by Abril (2007), an album with cover versions of songs by José Afonso, Kronos (2009) and Fado Tango (2011), her tenth studio album, which features collaborations with renowned authors and composers such as Mário Laginha, Carlos Tê, and Pedro da Silva Martins. The album shows the first signs that Cristina’s music could have another guise and foreshadows Cristina’s artistic rebirth that would arrive a few years later with Menina.

Considered Best Record of the Year by Sociedade Portuguesa de Autores (SPA), Menina (2016), is the first chapter of a trilogy that includes the jovial and kaleidoscopic Branco (2018) and Eva (2020). In these works, Cristina brings together unusual collaborations, which cross styles, genres, cultures, and geographies. The result is an innovative and spontaneous interpretation of the traditional musical expression of Fado.

Eva, the most recent of the three, is an unpredictable record, rich in filigree and details that reveal Cristina’s intimacy and human depth. The album emerges in the form of a question: “what is freedom for me?”. We find the answer in the diary of Eva Haussman, an alter-ego of the singer. Eva personifies the freedom that Cristina pursues. Through the delicate firmness of Cristina Branco’s voice, we open the doors to this which is Cristina’s most personal and intimate work to date.

Today, on the verge of celebrating 25 years of career, Cristina Branco shows herself exactly as she is, a true, free and genuine woman. Fado will always be present. Cristina brings it in her senses.


Press on the new album “mãe”:

“It is perhaps her most emotionally profound album: Cristina Branco is back with “Mãe” (“Mother”) and penetrates the depths of human existence with her fado” hr2 kultur.

“Fado Star gives the Hamburg audience pure emotion: Cristina Branco relives the pain in the Elbphilharmonie. After one song, Branco even wipes a tear from her face. She begins her concert in the Elbphilharmonie’s main hall a cappella. Even in the first moments before the three-headed band joins in, Cristina Branco shows what a powerful organ she has.” Hamburger Abendblatt

“Blissful sadness: Fado artist Cristina Branco impresses at Fürth’s Kulturforum. Between heartbreaking and heartwarming: the internationally acclaimed artist Cristina Branco opened the cultural year at Fürth’s Kulturforum. With her new album “Mae” she takes the audience to Portugal.” Fürther Nachrichten

“[…] star continues to be her voice, which is mature, confident, nuanced and touching in this return to a more conventional setting.” Jazzthing

“It is precisely Cristina Branco’s open approach to music, which is never about the great pathos so often celebrated in fado, that makes Mãe an incredibly moving and impressive album” Jazzthetik

“The decisive link in the tradition is, of course, Cristina Branco’s strong voice with its emotional truthfulness and authentic passion, warm and clear, convincing and heartfelt, moving and touching.” Jazzpodium

“The interplay between Bernardo Couto on Portuguese guitar, Luís Figueiredo on piano and Bernardo Moreira on double bass results in a rich and haunting sound experience that complements Branco’s voice perfectly. A successful work, rich in emotion, that will linger for a long time.” Jazz’n’more

“And yes, you can also hear fado here, with all its emotional depths and subtle nuances.” Concerto

“Cristina Branco is one of those fadista who always know how to break traditional boundaries. […] The deepest emotional depths are underpinned by Bernardo Couto (guitar), Luís Figueiredo (piano) and Bernardo Moreira on double bass. Moving.” Tip

“Magical music that reaches the heart!” inMusic

“the music flows beautifully, carried by the singer’s expressive voice, and exudes a somewhat melancholic but at the same time comforting mood” melodiva

“a breathtaking musical masterpiece […] This album invites the listener on a journey of rediscovery and reinvention of Fado.” Rhein Main Magazine

Press on “Eva”:

” Cristina Branco proves on her new album that the fado pigeonhole is too small for her.” Südwestrundfunk 2

“CD of the week – For a long time Cristina Branco has been more than “just an insider tip”.” Saarländischer Rundfunk 2

“Who am I, who do I want to be, how can I be free? Here she projects wishes and dreams and moves between fado, chanson, folk and pop.” hessischer Rundfunk 2

“Cristina Branco leads the fado of Portugal to new sounds.” Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk Kultur

“Eva is pure, straightforward and lets you look directly into her soul.” Jazzthetik

“[…] her voice is pure and versatile, and yet one is quite quickly with her with the whole ear.” Jazz Podium

“She likes to sail confidently over the folkloric horizon with her clear, warm voice.” Mindelheimer Zeitung

“Branco’s tone has long been different – one that veered off in the direction of highly personal, increasingly autobiographical songwriting. And with “Eva” has now reached its peak.” Badische Zeitung

” (…) a coherent, beautiful-sounding and wonderfully calm production, naturally held together by Cristina Branco’s touching vocals. (…) sometimes quietly tentative, then again – supported by electronics and percussion – wildly forward storming.”Münchner Merkur

“Touching and intense […]” Kurier


Cristina Branco is increasingly becoming synonymous with sophistication, innovation and tradition.
The notorious recognition was reflected in the prize awarded by the Sociedade Portuguesa de Autores in 2017 for Best Album referring to the album “Menina”, as well as the nomination for Globos de Ouro in the category of Best Individual Interpreter. Shows throughout Europe indicate that the designation “fado-jazz” has been gaining more and more meaning.
Refined repertoire, current poets and lyricists, expert instrumentalists alongside with Cristina’s distinct voice make the artist one of the most important personalities of Portuguese music of recent times.
2018 is the year of “Branco”, the new album with a tour scheduled for all Europe.

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