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Celebration (single)

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Tigran Tatevosyan

The Armenian up-and-coming artist and trained jazz pianist Tigran Tatesvosyan is releasing “Celebration” as the first single from his debut album “MER TAN ITEV”, which will be released on 28.06.2024.

In the world of jazz piano trios, creating a truly personal sound is an art in itself.
With his debut album “Mer Tan Itev”, Armenian-born Tigran Tatevosyan takes up this challenge and emerges as an authentic storyteller with a new yet mature voice.
Influenced by both the treasures of Armenian musical tradition and the contemporary energy of modern jazz, classically trained pianist Tigran Tatevosyan has spent years perfecting his own fusion of the two. On this journey, he has composed and mastered a collection of pieces that are brought to life on this recording.
The playful radiance and beauty of the music disguises how much thought Tigran has put into crafting his masterfully crafted stories, which unfold with logical precision at every turn of events, inviting the listener into an atmosphere of coherence and meaning.
The delicate balance between soul and intellect is characteristic of Tigran’s work, in which complexity gracefully supports simplicity. A melodic and harmonic palette full of emotion, intricate yet groovy rhythms and the musical wizardry of Ziv Ravitz on drums and Giorgi Kiknadze on bass immerse the listener in a musical world that defies classification.

Played with meticulous precision and elegance, the album showcases the virtuosity of each individual member of the trio. Yet no technical exhibitionism overshadows the essence and sincerity of Tigran’s remarkable art, which he complements in live performances with a sympathetic and unpretentious presentation.

Tigran Tatevosyan – Piano
Ziv Ravitz – Drums
Giorgi Kiknadze – Bass

Production info
Fattoria Musica, Osnabrück – 22./23.04.2022
Recording Engineer – Stephan van Wylick
Mixing and Mastering Engineer – Katsuhiko Naito (NY)
Artwork by Knut Schötteldreier

Tour dates
29.06.2024 – Timmendorfer Strand – Jazzbaltica
14.09.2024 – Bremen – Sendesaal Bremen
30.11.2024 – Bremen – Sendesaal Bremen

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