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Releaseconcert for Sera Kalo’s “eXante” @Volksbühne Berlin on June 24t


Next weekend we celebrate the release of U.S. Afro-Caribbean musician and songwriter Sera Kalo‘s first solo album “eXante” (out June 23rd) The release concert for this will take place on Saturday, June 24th, 2023 in the “Roter Salon” of the Volksbühne in Berlin. Get your tickets here.

Sera Kalo’s album eXante is a collection of genre-bending songs characterized by passionate melodic progressive futuristic soul tunes fused with a glowing electronic atmosphere and unconventional rhythms. eXante branches out into two collages of sound. The first is an extravagant soundscape with acoustic-electronic features guided by audiovisual narratives about healing and moving towards serendipity. The second is an intimate eargasm of warm and deep harmonics that resonate themes of love and longing. eXante is a window into the many universes within Sera Kalo’s persona and art through sensitive song arrangements and poetic storytelling. Sera Kalo co-produced this dynamic work with her good friend, Swedish bassist and producer Petter Eldh. Their great musical connection and rich imagination brought this album to life.

eXante will be released by o-tone music on June 23, 2023. Together with guitarist Igor Osypov, bassist Sofia Eftychidou, drummer Brian D. Sauls, and keyboardist Eren Solak, Sera Kalo combines elements of jazz music with electronic beats, working to create an independent arrangement of poetry and sound analogous to the evolution of dance music.

Line Up:
Sera Kalo – voice, synth
Igor Osypov – guitar, synth
Sofia Eftychidou – electronic bass
Brian D. Sauls – drums, FX
Eren Solak – keyboard, synth

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