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jazz, Soul, World
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Sera Kalo

About „eXante“
Sera Kalo’s album entitled, eXante is a collection of genre-bending songs characterized by passionately melodic progressive futuristic soul melodies that merge with a sultry electronic atmosphere and unconventional rhythms. eXante branches into two sound collages. The first being an extravagant soundscape of acoustic-electronic characteristic guided by audiovisual narratives of healing and the movement towards serendipity. The second being an intimate eargasm of warm and deep overtones that sonify the themes of love and desire. eXante is a window into the many universes within Sera Kalo’s person and artistry through sensitive song arrangements and poetic story-telling. Sera Kalo co-produced this dynamic work with dear friend, swedish bassist and producer, Petter Eldh. Their great musical connection and bountiful imagination brought this album to life. eXante also highlights the worthy contributions of the incredibly diverse and international music scene in Berlin,Germany featuring artists like Otis Sandsjö, Philo Tsoungui, Ruhi Erdogan, Julia Kadel, The String Arkestra and many more…

About Sera
Sera Kalo is a U.S. Afro-Caribbean musician and songwriter. She grew up in a Caribbean home in Connecticut steeped in a mix of musical styles, from her St. Lucian mother’s soulful singing of old hymns and Motown classics to her Dominican father’s love of reggae, cadence and calypso. From a young age, the diverse musical influences of her childhood home combined with the suburban big city sound and various alternative style mixes shaped her love for music. Today the artist lives in Berlin and has found her niche in the multicultural identity of the big city.

1. Can You Speak My Language (04:38)
2. Now I’m Here (03:42)
3. Vital Signs (04:01)
4. Go (04:00)
5. A Space For (04:04)
6. Baby When You Get Home (03:00)
7. Amuse Me (03:13)
8. Sirens (I’ll be Fine) (04:55)
9. Don’t Xplain (04:22)

Philo Tsoungui – drums; Julia Kadel – piano; Vincent Bababoutilabo – alto and soprano flutes; K’boko – percussion; Otis Sandsjö – alto clarinet; Ruhi Erdogan – trumpet; Samira Aly – cello Members of The String Archestra: Sarah Martin – violin; Neneh Sowe – violin; Yassin Sowe – viola; Jan Burkamp – drums; Igor Osypov – guitar; Petter Eldh – bassist, guitar, co-producer

Tour dates
24.06.2023 – Berlin – Roter Salon (Album Release Party)
08.03.2024 – Kassel – Theaterstübchen (Opening Jazz Frühling ’24)

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