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Josefine Lindstrand

Jazz/Indie, Singer-Songwriter
  • Josefine Lindstrand
  • Jonas Östholm
  • Gunnar Halle
    Trumpet & Effects
  • Pär-Ola Landin
    Double Bass
  • Fredrik Myhr
    Drums, Pad & Computer
Booking-territory: Europe

A voice that echoes the crsytal clarity of Scandinavian lakes and the dark mysticism of Swedish forests – music that entices you to dive in.

Josefine Lindstrand is a highly acclaimed jazz singer, composer and pianist who lives in Stockholm and has been one of the leading vocalists on the jazz scene in Scandinavia for more than 15 years. With numerous awards over the years, she has been named “Best jazz artist in Sweden”, “Best Jazz Composer” by the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation, and received a Danish Grammy! Apart from her own music, Josefine also writes pieces for choir, big band and film. She has been the vocalist in the British Django Bates band “Human Chain” for over 10 years, and has performed and recorded with US pianist Uri Caine, as well as the Metropole Orchestra.

In winter 2023/24 we are excited for new music from the singer in the form of her 5th full length album “For The Dreamers”. The first single “Up!” coming November 2023, is an adventurous journey through the head of a dreamer. All the boring everyday walks through endless roads with houses that all look the same gets exciting once the creativity and fantasy pops in. Josefine describes this in her lyrics and music and a surprising arrangement. The music was recorded in the spectacular Norwegian studio, “Ocean Sounds” where Josefine and her band gathered and recorded the 8 tunes that will form the album.


Educated at the Royal Music Conservatory in Copenhagen, Denmark she kicked off her career early, when she (by the age of 20) was discovered by British pianoplayer Django Bates, and asked to become the lead singer of his band Human Chain (Iain Ballamy, Martin France and Michael Mondesir).
For over a decade they performed together at the biggest jazzfestival, ex. Utrecht with Asko Ensemble, The North Sea Jazzfestival in Holland. British Symfonia Orchestra in Thessaloniki och Athens. Performed at festivals like Umeå jazzfestival, Jazz on beach festival in Espoo Finland, Oslo jazzfestival, Umeå jazzfestival, Leeds fuse festival, Cheltenham jazzfestival, Vilnius jazzfestival, Belfast jazzfestival, Sarajevo jazzfestival, Kalisz jazzfestival in Poland. They also recorded with the famous Metropole Orchestra in Holland with conductor/ arranger Vince Mendoza.
2007 she was asked to sing the part as Desdemona in American jazzpianist Uri Caines version of Othello in Roms auditorium, at Theater an der Wien in Vienna and Stanford University, San Fransisco. Together with Bunny Siegler, Jim Black and Chris Speed and more. They also recorded the album The Othello Syndrome (Winter & Winter). 2009 Josefine released her first soloalbum, There Will Be Stars (Caprice Records). This record got a lot of attention in Sweden and Josefine, who mostly had toured abroad up til then got really busy in Sweden. She was selected to be ”Best Jazz in Sweden 2009” and the domestic tour with her own band, continued abroad in 2010, playing in New York, Shanghai, Scandinavia, Japan, Germany, Portugal, Czech Rep etc. 2012 her second album Clouds (Antfarm Records) established her name for real on the Scandinavian jazz/pop scene, and the touring continued. Along side touring with her own band, she started touring with Czech guitarist David Doruzka in Poland and Czech Rep. They recorded the highly acclaimed album Silently Dawning (Animal Records).
2015 she was comissioned to compose music for Norrbotten Big Band from Sweden. The colloboration was very sucessful, and Josefine decided to record an album with them. This was Josefines third album, and it’s called ”While we sleep” (Antfarm Music), and for that album she receives the prestigious Jazzkatten award by the Swedish Radio for best Composer of the year 2017.
Since then Josefine has been writing a lot of commisions for choir, Big Band and ensembles. Also she is a requested composer for music in films.
A part from that, and working on her new album she ’s recorded and toured with Swedish reedplayer Thomas Backman. Playing in Sweden, London Jazzfestival, Rochester Jazzfestival, Washington Scandinavian Jazzfestival, Scandinavian House in New York, Stockholm Jazzfestival, Umeå Jazzfestival etc.

And now she will release her new album Mirages by the lake (o-tone music/edel kultur) on January 28 2022. It is filled with music that will take you on a trip back to Josefines childhood, in the dark and adventurous woods and cold, hidden lakes in Sweden. The music was recorded on the country side outside Stockholm in a beautiful studio, with her own favourite musicians from way back (Jonas Östholm-piano, Gunnar Halletrumpet, Pär-Ola Landin-double bass, Fredrik Myhr-drums).
After that Josefine has worked with the material in her own studio, creating sounds, voices, synths, atmospheres, and editing/playing around, like building LEGO.
In February 2019 Josefine travelled to Bonn to record the beautiful voices of Bundes Jazz Orchester choir. That was the last piece of the building to make it complete!


Soloalbums: 2009 – Josefine Lindstrand, There Will Be Stars, Caprice Records
2012 – Josefine Lindstrand, Clouds, Antfarm Records
2016 – Josefine Lindstrand with Norrbotten Big Band, While We Sleep, Antfarm Records

Other albums ( by selection):

2004 – Django Bates, You Live and Learn (apparently), Lost Marble
2008 – Django Bates, Spring is here (shall we dance?), Lost Marble
2007 – Uri Caine Ensemble, Classical Variations, Winter & Winter
2009 – Uri Caine Ensemble, The Othello Syndrome, Winter & Winter
2018 – Erik Westberg, Amor Vita Mors, Studio Acusticum Records (SE)
2018 – Thomas Backman, Did You have a good day, David?, Modern Musik (SE)
2007 – Efterklang, Under Giant Trees, Rumraket, Leaf Label (DK/UK)
2007 – Efterklang, Parades, Rumraket, Leaf Label (DK/UK)
2008 – Sekten, Mägtiga vingar, ILK Records (DK)
2005 – Sekten, Annars är det tyst, ILK Records (DK)
2008 – David Doruzka, Silently Dawning, Animal Music (CZ)
2006 – Simon Toldam Prugelknabe, ILK Records (DK)


“‘Beautiful and urgent’ could also characterize Josefine Lindstrand’s upcoming album, which follows the editorial favorite Mirages by the lake (which Lira named “pop jazz of the year” in 2022). Dreamy and shimmering music with an exquisite jazz base.” Lira Musikmagasin

“a music that develops its own magic even in very quiet places. (…) Many exciting ingredients – and a strong listening experience” – BRKlassik 

“carefully placed piano chords and bass parts, plus a stable carpet of sound woven from accents of other instruments. Her songs (…) stand firmly on the ground.”Jazzpodium

“a sonic bed somewhere between Christmas oratorio, Nordic singer/songwriter tradition and a large portion of dark mystery”Jazzthetik

“the unmistakable voice of the Swede Josefine Lindstrand (…) enchants people beyond Scandinavia. Associations of dark mysticism, cold, hidden lakes and forests come to mind. (…) Nine songs recorded in idyllic solitude.” – Tip

“between trip hop, advanced pop and jazz”Jazzthing

“a masterpiece in every respect. (…) With excellent melodies and an imposing musicality Josefine Lindstrand manages to gain entrance into “her” world of Sweden.” – Concerto

“authentic, honest and moving” – jazz-fun

“Massive and orchestral (…) then clear and bright, an unexpected, effective contrast.” – Jazz’N’More

“a very unique and independent singer songwriter concept drawing on jazz, pop and folk elements” – Kultur Zeitschrift

“Dark and appealing with a mysterious, forboding centre (…). Josefine Lindstrand has a very unmannered voice that harnesses considerable power and flexibility.”Marlbank Jazz Blog

“(…) Josefine Lindstrand’s voice full of Scandinavian fragility. Gentle, melodious, beautiful.”

“a dense, dynamic soundtrack (…) that performs quietly, intimately, spherically and full of tension.” 

”Josefine Lindstrand is really a new star of the horizon. With strong melodies, interesting arrangements and outstanding musicianship, Josefine and her fellow musicians are creating a landscape full of pleasant surprises. Enjoy.” – Nils Landgren 

“I’ve been lucky to work with Josefine in big bands, orchestras, in duo, with string quartet; from the Metropole Orchestra to Human Chain. Actually it was not luck, I just kept booking her! And each time, she was not only the brightest spark in the band, but also the best prepared and most chilled. That’s a powerful combination and I can’t wait to experience it again.”Django Bates

“Concerning Josefine, her music sounds really good. You can hear the hard work she spent on the arrangements and sounds which leads me to believe that Josefine is someone who wants something with her music.” – Jan Lundgren

“Josefine Lindstrand is one of those exciting artists who moves effortlessly between genres and styles, and along the way has found her own expression.”  – Lira Musikmagasin

“She is something of a phenomenon, with her fabulously imaginative songs, her theatrical performance as well as her phenomenally exciting voice”Ulf Johanson about “While We Sleep”

“the singing is remarkable, the tunes and arrangements distinctive, and the jazz restrained but explicit enough to keep you guessing.” – The Guardian about “There Will Be Stars”

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