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Start our campaign “o-tone music-for-artists” on


Click here to support our campaign: “o-tone music for artists”

The situation of creative people in the music industry isn’t getting easier the longer we are virtually banned from our profession and are not allowed to pursue our work. We have no minimum wage, no big lobby and we are not considered to be systemically relevant. The music industry has changed a great deal over the years – physical sales have collapsed and digital forms of monetisation usually bring in only a fraction of the income that creative artists need. The only thing remaining was the LIVE business, which had to compensate for everything – but that has abruptly come to a stop when the Corona pandemic started in March. We were the first affected by the lockdown and we will also be the last whose restrictions will be lifted completely. The main question remains: When and how? No one has an answer to that. But it is certain that with no further help it will cost the lives of hundreds of struggling live clubs and push creative artists over the edge into financial ruin.

o-tone music has been in the music business for over 20 years. During this time we have always stood behind our artists as a concert agency, label and publisher. Music is our passion. During the Corona pandemic we would like to support artists from our international artist roster who are in an insecure position right now. On we will start a donation & aid campaign launching on June 25 and ending on September 11. It is called “o-tone music for artists” and we ask you all to support it.

Our crowdfunding campaign is supposed to call attention to artists who’ve hardly got any earnings right now and whose financial aids have been used up or not even been granted. There is absolutely no planning reliability for the next coming months. In order to prevent the professional and financial conditions from getting even worse, we are dependent on your generous support as fans and culturally interested people.

We have put together a big variety of “thank-yous” that might be able to sweeten your donation a little. The highlight is a unique offer from our artists themselves: Private solo streaming-concerts! You will be able to support your favourite artist directly by purchasing a concert or an exclusively signed CD – 100% of the money raised this way will go to that respective artist. The money from our compiled CD collections, masks, cups and T-shirts will be consolidated and then distributed equally among all participating artists when the campaign ends. The label o-tone music does not receive a share of the collected amount.

If you want to know who is involved, just have a look at the following list:

Across Europe’s cultural diversity – A musical Europe, which we appreciate:

  1. Achim Kirchmair
  2. Aino Löwenmark (Fjarill)
  3. Aki Rissanen
  4. Arild Andersen
  5. Badi Assad
  6. Daniel Herskedal
  7. Daniel Stelter
  8. Edgar Knecht
  9. Florian Weber
  10. Franz von Chossy
  11. Hanmari Spiegel (Fjarill)
  12. Itamar Borochov
  13. Jaak Sooäär
  14. Joo Kraus
  15. Jürgen Spiegel
  16. Kadri Voorand
  17. Marina & The Kats
  18. Markus Stockhausen
  19. Ntjam Rosie
  20. Omar Rodriguez Calvo
  21. Robyn Bennett
  22. Tini Thomsen
  23. Trilok Gurtu
  24. Yvonne Mwale

Click her to get to the campaign: o-tone music for artists

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