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  • “SERENDiPITY” by Sera Kalo is out now!

“SERENDiPITY” by Sera Kalo is out now!


Happy Release Day Sera Kalo! Her debut EP “SERENDiPITY” is out now!

The four new progressive soul tracks of the EP show this amazing woman. Her new album “eXante” is out on June 23, 2023!

Sera Kalo’s debut visual album, “SERENDiPITY” is an electrifying and surreal blend of intimate acoustic instruments and sultry electronic beats. The EP with four songs tells personal narratives of self-acceptance and healing through Sera’s expressive and emotional vocals. Accompanied by a 3D cinematic short film, “SERENDiPITY” takes listeners on a multi-sensory journey, bringing sound to life through mesmerizing visuals and symbolic imagery. The film delves deep into the inner reflections and emotions that we often keep hidden, highlighting the journey of self-discovery and self-expression.

“SERENDiPITY” is a unique and immersive experience that blends music and visual artistry, creating a limitless world of imagination and eargasmic satisfaction.

And as an added bonus, Sera is playing a concert tonight as part of this years Jazzahead! Clubnight at the KLUB DIALOG in Bremen at 9:15pm. Get your tickets at the jazzahead website or contact us for meeting opportunities.

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