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physical release of DIVIDED HORIZON


Finnish star pianist Aki Rissanen releases his new solo album DIVIDED HORIZON, which has it all. The Finnish artist’s solo selection includes delicate and ethereal compositions for piano, electronics and the incredible, unique Omniwerk. Today we celebrate the physical release of the phenomenal album!

Aki Rissanen’s music, as you can see, has a wide horizon. It is multifaceted, but it does not divide into disconnected pieces. He forms a clear and comprehensive line. The fact that Aki Rissanen is not alone on his solo album is not only due to the piano and its European-influenced history, but also to another musical instrument. It is called Omniwerk and is a keyboard instrument that makes it possible to sound out stringed instruments such as cello, violin, hurdy-gurdy or lute without any electronic help. With the help of this amazing instrument, Aki Rissanen expands his piano music into chamber music. Sometimes to a kind of folk music as well. So much for the relationship between simplicity and complexity. With Aki Rissanen, there is not one without the other. This is how the music gets its richness, its melodies, its clarity, its high-spirited, wise or melancholic message. And its wide horizon.  (- Hans-Jürgen Linke)

Jazzthing writes: “[Rissanen] opens a colorful treasure chest full of labyrinthine melodic twists and tricky rhythms. (…) In the process, a wide horizon opens up, behind which it is always worth looking.”

Listen to the album here and get a copy at the Edition Records Shop.

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