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MOVE – Robyn Bennett – out now


Robyn Bennett‘s new album “MOVE” is out now! Move is the first chapter of a musical triptych in which the singer affirms her strength to go forward no matter what, stay positive and keep smiling, sharing good vibes and love. Funky guitars, urban drums, vintage keyboards and groovy riffs – groovy soul pop that spreads good vibes and positive energy!

March 2020 …
The curtain falls, the world goes on standby and live music comes to a halt. During this enforced hibernation, Robyn will spend her time on an island in the Atlantic Ocean, in a cozy room in Brooklyn, and in the French countryside. Three places from which she will design and write a musical triptych. A work in which she affirms her strength to move forward no matter what, to stay positive and keep smiling, to share good vibes and love….
3 chapters for 3 “Call-to-Action”. 3 EPs to be released in 2021, 2022 and 2023 and finally combined into a single deluxe album.

“Times like these, trying times, call for special measures.  A time for new beginnings, for rethinking and taking action. To resist, to stand up and move, to fight for what is right, to dance, to sing and to imagine not only a different way of living, a different world, but to create this reality together. We may be separate, but these songs are a reminder that music will always bring us together.” – Robyn

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