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Fado, Chanson, Tango, Jazz
  • Viviane
    vocals, flute
  • Tó Viegas
    portuguese guitar
  • João Vitorino
    acoustic guitar
  • Filipe Valentim
  • Tiago Laires
    samples & sound engineer
Booking-territory: Europa except Portugal

Viviane is one of the most charismatic and unmistakable voices in Portuguese music. On stage, her singular and captivating attitude provides an excellent musical moment. On stage Viviane presents herself essentially in an acoustic format, where the Portuguese guitar, the acoustic guitar, the piano, the samples and the flute cross.
Viviane last CD of originals is entitled “Quando Tiveres Tempo” and was released through the German label o-tone music. In her concerts, Viviane performs songs from the new album together with other songs which have marked her career. She invites us to make a journey through her personal and musical memories which are accompanied by deep and sentimental songs together with joyful and funny themes in which the audience is invited to participate. In her repertoire there are songs with lyrics of her own authorship as well as poems by renowned Portuguese authors.
Viviane is a French-born Portuguese singer, songwriter and lyricist who started her musical career in the early 1990s with the group „Entre Aspas”. She is well-known and recognized by the Portuguese public as one of the most charismatic voices of Portuguese music.
Her desire to explore other sounds led Viviane to start a solo career in 2005 in which she traced a firm and coherent path, in which she proposes a new music without borders, a music in which one can feel the Anglo-Saxon freedom, the melancholy of Fado, the elegance of Chanson, the Mediterranean breeze, the memory of rural music and the spices of Africa. She calls this music „Mediterranean Fado”.
Viviane’s musical career, she has already released 7 CDs, has raised interest at an international level, having already performed in several countries such as Ireland, France, South Africa and more recently Lithuania, Latvia, Kenya and Germany.

About the current album “Quando Tiveres Tempo”:

“She skilfully combines the traditional elements of her homeland with Mediterranean sounds. (…) Viviane has developed her very own language and she takes audible pleasure in using it.”Jazz’N’More

 “A recording full of melancholy, passion and soulful harmonies”inMusic



Viviane is a Portuguese singer, songwriter and flutist with a remarkably charismatic voice. Due to her Portuguese and French roots, her music is influenced by fado, chanson, tango, jazz manouche and other Mediterranean influences, which has led to a remarkable musical career.

Born in France, Vivane moved to Portugal at the age of 13. In the 1990s, she was active as singer and co-founder of the pop rock band “Entre Aspas”, which was extremely well-known in Portugal. In 2005, Viviane started her solo career and has released six albums on her own label Zipmix Records since. Now the singer returns with “Quando Tiveres Tempo” (release date: 03 June 2022 on o-tone music/Edel Kultur) – a great album full of instrumental and orchestral surprises and yet filled with Viviane’s unmistakable sound, the freedom of anglo-saxon pop, the melancholy of fado and the elegance of chanson.

Viviane’s extensive discography has not only had a significant impact on the last four decades of Portuguese music, but has also aroused great interest internationally. The singer has toured countries such as Ireland, France, Spain, South Africa and most recently Latvia, Lithuania, Kenya and Germany. On stage, Viviane presents her music with an acoustic sound, creating an emotional, exciting and intimate atmosphere. Her captivating and likeable manner as an artist and her natural charisma promise enchanting musical moments and a captivating concert experience.

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