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Jens Thomas (The Neil Young Collage)

Jazz, Singer & Songwriter
  • Jens Thomas
    piano, vocals
Booking-territory: worldwide

“Jens Thomas is not only a gifted pianist and singer: he literally dives into the music and takes his listeners on an exploratory tour in which listening plays a central role and there are no limits to improvisation.” Claus Röck, NDR Kultur

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“…he sings a ballad, with absolute devotion. It is one of those moments when someone spits a piece of his soul onto the stage” – Welt am Sonntag

“The Berliner-by-choice Jens Thomas is a musical chameleon like Helge Schneider or Chilly Gonzales. In the exchange of blows with the musical material, the universal musician spends himself to excess, surprising not only the audience but also himself time and again. Thomas opened the round of concerts at the Frankfurter Hof with this brilliant impro-pop concert.” – Allgemeine Zeitung Mainz

“Fast turns into slow, the big pose into intimacy, noise into fragile sound constructs. Suddenly you listen to the simple lyrics and are touched by the fragility of the music.” – Financial Times Deutschland (about the “A Tribute To AC/DC” CD)

“Dimmed down, slowed down, transported into other spheres. An irritating record, full of beauty.” – Deutschland Radio (Georg Gruber on “A Tribute To ACD/DC)

“The voice that brings it all out….is that of Jens Thomas, the pianist and singer of this performance. With an unbelievable intensity Thomas gives the performance pitch and direction. He is the power centre, he tickles out what the piano tones, what the voice colours and what the inner sounds are.” – Frankfurter Rundschau (Peter Michalzik on “Hamlet”)

“The second performance of Olympic dimensions is delivered by singer and pianist Jens Thomas, whose music, as brute as it is sensually sensitive, pulsates through the production like its own plot line. Jens Thomas has a voice that went through marrow and bone, full of pain and rage, but always animated by text and context” – Spiegel Online (Werner Theurich on “Hamlet”)

“Is it possible to present verses by the German poet prince as rap and with rock-like piano accompaniment ? jazz pianist Jens Thomas dares to do it – and impresses even sceptical contemporaries.” – Kulturspiegel Online

“To understand Goethe, all you need is a Diogenes volume and the music of Jens Thomas.” – WAZ

“With the CD “You Can’t Keep A Good Cowboy Down” (ACT 9273-2), however, success burst upon him in 2000 like no German jazz musician before him. The Goethe-Institut took him to its heart, radio productions and festival appearances piled up, and in a span of less than two years he won almost all the prizes that the Federal Republic of Germany has to award via record critics and cultural institutions. This is due to the individuality of a musician who came to jazz unusually late and who does not cultivate evergreens or celebrate absolute freedom there, but has developed completely new forms from his socialisation in classical music and rock and his late fascination with the possibilities of improvisation – in their originality hardly comparable to the young pianists from America who are storming in on a broad front.” – FAZ (Ulrich Olshausen)

“The original, genuine Thomas, who throws himself into an evening without knowing beforehand exactly what he will do and how the audience will react, but who is not afraid of risk – you only get that solo. A concert with Jens Thomas is always something special.” – HAZ (Bert Strebe) 

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