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Jazz, World
  • Volker Goetze
  • Ali Boulo Santo Cissoko
    Kora, Vocals
  • Roberto Monteiro
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By sensitively and skillfully interweaving improvised trumpet and flamenco guitar with traditional mandinka kora and vocals from Senegal, FlamenKora creates timeless and enchanting multicultural music; a welcome balm in these troubled times.

Volker Goetze’s evocative trumpet lines dance gracefully with the soulful vocals and kora of his newest duo partner, the esteemed master of traditional Mande music – Ali Boulo Santo Cissoko. Up-and-coming flamenco guitar maestro Roberto Monteiro is the newest band member, adding authentic Spanish flair with driving rhythms and subtle, imaginative colors. As the group’s founder and producer, Goetze brings a special wisdom to FlamenKora, acquired not only through decades of devotion to West African Mande music, but also through a deep mastery of jazz composition and arrangement and a recent deep dive into the melodic and rhythmic traditions of flamenco and maqam.

Their debut album “FlamenKora” was released in June 2023.


Volker Goetze
An award-winning German jazz trumpeter, composer, filmmaker, producer and conceptualist who has lived in New York City since 2002, Volker Goetze specializes in blending ancient folkloric cultures with contemporary jazz soundscapes. He creates poetic music, film and live performance narratives that support peace and collaboration in these turbulent times.

Goetze first studied trumpet with Markus Stockhausen in Cologne, Germany, and completed his master’s degree on scholarship with Michael Mossman and Antonio Hart at the Aaron Copland School of Music. During a visit to Senegal in 1996, he fell in love with Mande music and culture, which changed his life forever. He produced and directed a documentary called GRIOT, which centered around the Kora culture and was called “stunningly beautiful” by The Globe and Mail (UK) and “a film to see” by African News. GRIOT was included in the official selection of film festivals in Amsterdam, Vancouver, Warsaw, Valladolid and Thessaloniki. GRIOT also led to a highly acclaimed, twelve-year series of three albums that Goetze produced, recorded and toured internationally as a duo with his film’s leading man, Senegalese griot and kora master Ablaye Cissoko.

Goetze’s three albums in duo with Albaye Cissoko have received international recognition and have been streamed over 20 million times worldwide, earning him an honorable place on the map of jazz-meets-world music. He has also worked on three continents in the development of various jazz and multimedia projects, as a leader, arranger and sometimes as a valued partner alongside greats such as Nana Vasconcelos, Mino Cinelu, Lenny Pickett, Steve Lacy, Peter Kowald and Eli Goulart.

Ali Boulo Santo Cissoko

The Paris-based Mande griot was reportedly born “with the kora in his hands.” He hails from Dakar, Senegal, and is a nephew of Soundioulou Cissokho, the king of the kora.

Ali Boulo Santo’s magical playing and singing have led to numerous collaborations with jazz and world music greats such as Doudou Gouirand, the Belmondo Brothers, Tony Allen, Omar Sosa, Fania, Piers Faccini, Trilok Gurtu, Manu Dibango, New Cool Collective Jazz Band, Erif Truffaz, Alama Kanté, Diogal and Julien Baer, to name a few. He is also co-composer of the musical Kirikou and Karaba with Youssou N’dour, Angélique Kijo and Tété.

Appreciated for his innovative kora style and creativity in combining Mandingo music with Senegalese and Western influences, this indefatigable artist has valiantly served as a bridge between Africa and the West. He plays a dual role, representing the crossroads between cultures with humanity, sincerity and respect for the many colors of life.

“Ali Boulo Santo’s style of playing the kora is outstanding because of his perfect mastering of this ancient instrument as well as his willingness to innovate.”– MUSIQUE AFRIQUE

Roberto Monteiro

This aspiring guitarist, born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1987, began his studies in classical guitar at the age of 16 at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, where he also studied flamenco guitar with Mara Lúcia Ribeiro (one of the first flamenco guitarists in Brazil, a student of Entri de Cañorroto).

From then on, he dedicated himself entirely to flamenco, accompanying famous dancers such as Carmen La Talegona, Domingo and Inmaculada Ortega, before settling in Madrid and completing his studies in flamenco guitar at the Arturo Soria Conservatory.
Currently he works as a guitarist in several tablaos in Madrid and is the artistic director of one of the Sala Temple; he accompanies famous singers of the Spanish pop scene such as Lola Indigo, María Pelae and Vicente Navarro, as well as the dance group Matices.


“This is beautiful, reflective, soulful music resulting from the confluence of their traditions… a delicate and exquisite work.” – London Jazz News (UK)

“Flamenkora exudes a remarkable sense of cultural diversity as three accomplished musicians seamlessly
communicate in their respective native languages, showcasing an uncanny ability to listen and respond to one
another, resulting in an exquisite musical beauty.”

“Volker Goetze has been travelling the world in search of that ecumenical sound ideal that enables him to
play on all fronts and in all tones… to go even further and find a form of expression rooted in the soil of a
people to make the colors even more vivid and shimmering. Flamenco is one of those idioms that instantly
defines an identity. In this way, three vocabularies, three conjugations, three expressivities, invent a
language that hits the nail on the head.”
–  Radio France International (FR)

“The music comes together in a wondrously playful way: The different sound ideas and traditional elements
combine in the personalities on the basis of mutual appreciation. That is probably the real secret. Listening,
reacting, so that you can feel the vastness yourself.” – WDR (GER)

“.. trans-global collaboration unlike any other… the music is healing… it epitomizes the universal oneness and language through music … resonating with the younger generation… Brilliant work!…“ –
  88.1 WVPE (US)

“Soul Stirring, Innovative …. FlamenKora is more than just an album. It’s a celebration of multiculturalism, a
nod to the past, and a vision of the future. It’s the beginning of a brand new adventure, one that music lovers
across the globe would be remiss not to embark upon.” (US)

“Flamenkora”, the German trumpeter Volker Goetze, who has been at home in New York for a long time,
explores the intersection of their traditions with his long-time Kora partner Ali Boulo Santo Cissoko and the
flamenco guitarist Alejandro Moreno – not even six degrees of separation, but 100 percent successful.”
Mixtape ByteFM (GER)

“Shattering the boundaries between traditional West African music, flamenco and American jazz, while at the same time bringing them together… FlamenKora is a beautiful musical encounter where Volker’s trumpet, Ali’s voice and kora, and Alejandro’s guitar harmonize gracefully…” – Elektrik Bamboo (FR)

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