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Happy Release Day Fjarill: “Walden” out now

Today we finally get to celebrate the release of the new Fjarill album!
Walden” is Fjarill’s tenth album. And on this anniversary record it is abundantly clear to hear: Hanmari and Aino have become more uncompromising in their compositions in the very best sense. Their connection is so intimate that they can play quite freely on this basis. The title “Walden” stands first and foremost for the joint studio in the north of Hamburg that bears this name. And where the current songs were created together with their musical Fjarill family. With Aino’s husband Jürgen Spiegel on drums and Omar Rodriguez Calvo on double bass, who otherwise play with the renowned Tingvall Trio. With Jürgen’s brother Hans-Georg Spiegel, also Hanmari’s husband, on accordion. And with wonderfully improvisational elements by jazz pianist and composer Jens Thomas.

Walden” is a strong symbol of the duo’s long grown interconnections. Much like the roots in the forest are connected underground, Fjarill’s music feeds off their far-flung network. “Our families, friends and our loyal fans are in all our melodies,” says Hanmari. “Our songs are meant to absolutely resonate with each other,” an energy that is immediately transferred to the audience. Be it a rhythmic rush like “Katharsis”, be it the upbeat, dancing “Höstbossa” or be it the warm-sounding “Siyakwamukela”, whose gospel charm encourages the most beautiful sing-along choruses. With their own haunting lyrics, but also with poetry by Pär Lagerkvist, Nelly Sachs and Goethe, Hanmari and Aino tell of childhood memories and insights in old age, of joie de vivre and longing for peace, of diversity and togetherness, of home and always renewed departure.

The Hamburger Abendblatt writes about the release show this week: “Löwenmark is an excellent ballad singer with her expressive and warm voice, but she can also express happiness and thus put a whole auditorium into raptures. […] Jens Thomas and Omar Rodriguez Calvo repeatedly intersperse short virtuoso solos, turning the concert into a rich kaleidoscope of sound. […] The applause is enormous. And that’s before a note has even sounded.” 

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