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Daniel Herskedal

Jazz, World
  • Daniel Herskedal
    tuba and bass trumpet
  • Bergmund Waal Skaslien
  • Eyolf Dale
  • Helge Andreas Norbakken
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Unconstrained by limitations and conventions, Norwegian composer and tuba player Daniel Herskedal has earned a reputation as a musician who has pushed his instrument’s  boundaries technically and sonically and who creates spellbinding and mesmerically beautiful music. Following the release of his first album, Slow Eastbound Train in 2015, Herskedal toured throughout Europe. His follow up, ‘The Roc’, prompted critics to praise the wide mix of influences from folk, jazz, classical and Arabic sources, while national broadcaster France Musique described the group as ‘one of the most unique and innovative small ensembles’. His third album ‘Voyage’ emerges as his most defining album yet, merging awe-inspiring beauty with a refreshingly original sound. The music is supremely melodic, tinged with rhythmical flare and vibrant colours.


Norwegian composer and Tuba Player defies all conventions and preconceptions of what is possible as a soloist on the tuba. He is adept with a masters voice in creating vast palettes of colours and exquisite tone in his music.


„Call for Winter“:

“Herskedal creates sound landscapes that enchant, inviting you to linger in front of the fireplace when it is stormy and snowing outside. Please don’t forget this album by the time of autumn, because there are hardly any winter soundtracks that could musically reproduce a flight over snowy mountains, the silence and the only slightly crunching steps in ice and snow more beautifully.”  CONCERTO


“Daniel Herskedal is a young tuba player from Norway, and he too removes the tuba from its previous context and gives it completely new functions: his tuba playing is imaginative, springy, melodic and sometimes melancholic – and in any case original. Now Herskedal’s third album “Voyage” has been released, on which the band opens up completely new worlds of sound on the fringes of jazz, classical music and folk through a unique instrumentation with piano, viola, percussion and tuba”. WDR 3, CD der Woche

“Daniel Herskedal puts the sound concept of this fabulous ensemble at the service of hope: for permanently open borders, for cosmopolitanism and hospitality. If you think “We can do it!” with Herskedal’s music, you’re not wrong. NDR, CD der Woche

“Daniel Herskedal has been helping to restore the lustre of brass for several years. With a personal creative will that combines interesting melodies and lyrical depth, subtle timbres and improvisations. FAZ

“idiosyncratic and expressive statement with an original sound, of rhythmic strength and unusual timbres” Die Welt

“‘Voyage’ […] is energetic and at the same time graceful all while being astonishingly homogeneous, although each piece of Herskedal’s complex compositional art varies. Jazzthing

[…] a highly inspired sound journey with lyrical, percussive jazz with influences from all over the world, exciting from beginning to end. Concerto

“Herskedal plays the tuba in such an original way that you can’t get the sound out of your ears.” Kulturtipp, Switzerland 

“The Norwegian tuba player Daniel Herskedal is an exceptional musician with an unusual instrument. When he plays his tuba, one quickly forgets the reputation for heaviness that his instrument often suffers from.” Jazz’n’More

“It feels like the spotlight is on the tuba as a jazz instrument at the moment and Danial is one of the leading exponents of this, playing it with stunning virtuosity…that was amazing stuff…his ability to play fast and with rhythmical intensity in the lowest of the tuba’s registers is a joy to listen to. BBC3

“Herskedal’s performance is impressive but his ever-growing voice as composer gives this Voyage its zest and drama.” All About Jazz

“Norwegian composer and tuba player Daniel Herskedal has become one of the more fascinating musicians on the scene in the past handful of years. […]
It’s immensely gratifying to witness a young musician as gifted as Herskedal furthering his concept year after year in inventive ways right before our very ears. In On The Corner, USA

“…Herskedal has played the tuba since he was a boy. And how! With heart instead of just wit. “Smacking and breathing, the seductive melody emerges from the tuba. [and] the bass trumpet whistles and sings, sucking in the listener, the journey can begin.” THE TIME

“Herskedal combines the swing and liveliness of jazz […] with impressive, dramatic soundscapes. Arabic and Indian influences can be heard over and over again. Like clouds in a blue summer sky, Herskedal’s pieces constantly change their form, playing with sound impressions and elegantly meandering melody lines. Jazz Tip B5 aktuell

“The Norwegian plays a wonderful tuba (and sometimes bass trumpet) and its sonorous sound warms my heart almost as much as the spring sun on the balcony… there is a great talent at work here that must be kept in sight.

“Daniel Herskedal grabs you with a sound that sometimes sounds like a delicate flute play, sometimes like a spherical fanfare force… There are rain showers, snowflakes are dancing and ground fog is wafting in the ears. Music like a surprising natural phenomenon.” KULTURTIPP ****


The Norwegian composer and tuba player Daniel Herskedal has made a name for himself as a musician without restrictions or conventions, expanding the limits of his instrument technically and sonically, creating fascinating and hypnotically beautiful music.
Composition commissions, for example from the BBC Concert Orchestra, premiered at the London Jazz Festival at the Royal Festival Hall, the Trondheim Jazz Orchestra or the Royal Norwegian Navy Band are part of his musical work. He is also known for his duo with Marius Neset, the Trondheim Jazz Orchestra and Django Bates.
One might think that the tuba is not the hottest lead instrument, neither in classical nor in jazz. But “hip” or not, whoever creates so much music is bound to start his own project, and this happened in 2015 with the album “Slow Eastbound Train”, with which Herskedal toured all over Europe. The ZEIT newspaper confirmed: “…[Herskedal] has been playing the tuba since his youth. And how! With heart instead of just with wit… The seductive melody rises from the tuba, smacking and breathing. [and] the bass trumpet whistles and sings, sucking in the listener, the journey can begin.” Its successor The Roc has also prompted critics to take to the skies the wide mix of influences from folk, jazz, classical and Arabic sources, while national broadcaster France Musique has described the group as “one of the most unique and innovative small ensembles”.
His third album Voyage turns out to be his most formative album to date, combining breathtaking beauty with a refreshingly original sound. The music is extremely melodic, infused with rhythmic flair and vibrant colours. Whoever listens to Herskedal no longer doubts the hipness factor of his instrument.

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